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Article: A Ray of sunshine

Artikel: A Ray of sunshine

Nepali Times – Two generations of Bhutanese families grew up in a refugee camp. From the ’90 till 2014 over 100.000 Bhutanese lived in the refugee camp in Nepal. UN provided rice and dahl, solar Cookers where introduced for cooking by the Dutch Vaijra foundation.

Article; Seeing is believing

Artikel; Not seeing is believing

Nepali TimesIn  the far-western region of Nepal, Jumla, about 20 blind students sponsored to go to a school. The blind children come from nearby districts, they are provided meals and a home stay next to school.

Artikel; Seeing is believing

Vee en gewas -De Nederlandse stichting ICFON helpt in het onherbergzame Sindupalchowk district mee aan de integrale dorpsontwikkeling. Spaarggroepen, alfabetiseringscursussen, microkrediet en agrarische cursussen maken de arme bevolking trots en zelfstandig. (This link is under contruction)

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Naar Buiten -Een compilatie van diverse publicaties in het Magazine van Staatsbosbeheer.  (This link is under contruction)